Siemens Sanat

Kimliğin 1.000 Yalanı / Opening, The 1.000 Lies of Identity

Kimliğin 1.000 Yalanı / The 1.000 Lies of Identity, Siemens Sanat, 26.05. – 02.08.2005

Sanatçılar / Artists: Bengisu Bayrak, Yasemin Özcan Kaya, Daniel Man, Serhat Özşen, Çağrı Saray, Özlem Sulak, Graham C. F. Williams, Serra Yolasığmaz

Küratör / Curator: Marcus Graf

Açılış, Kimliğin 1.000 Yalanı / Opening, The 1.000 Lies of Identity, Siemens Sanat, 26.05. – 02.08.2005

The 1000 Lies of Identity examines different issues of identity. Eight artists use painting, photography, video, and installation to research the mystery of self and the process of “being or becoming yourself”. In this exhibition, the private meets the public and the spirit meets the social through works that reflect the artists’ inner and outer worlds.

Sanatçı Röportajları, Kimliğin 1000 Yalanı / Interviews, The 1000 Lies of Identity, Siemens Sanat, 2005

Today, identity is fluid – in a permanent state of change. Becoming “yourself” is a dynamic and unending process in which we are looking for an inner core so as to become a person that we have yet to realize.
But what is this “yourself”? Is it something that lies deep-down within you, waiting for you to be discovered by you? Does it lie within our genes or in the hand of God? Or is “self” just an illusion, an advertising trick to sell the human as a product?

Özlem Sulak, Anane / Gran, 8’30” / 8’30”, Video, 2005.

Identity is a never-ending journey in which the destination is unknown. In general, artists show how the discovery of the outside world is connected to the discovery of yourself. But how real are the pictures that we have of ourselves, and how real are those made by artists? Is art just another instrument to create new illusions? Is it possible to be real and authentic?

Çağrı Saray, Bellek Kutusu-Cetvel / Memory Box – Ruler,
20x60x15 cm, Karışık Teknik ve Ses / Mixed Media And Sound, 2000.

Daniel Man, Şimdi, Dördüncü / Now, The Fourth, 12×4.5 m,
Duvar Üzerine Akrilik ve Ahşap, Karışık Teknik / Acrylic And Wood On Wall, Mixed Media, 2005.

Questions like these form the conceptual background of this exhibition. The 1000 Lies of Identity, shows various concepts and notions of identity, revealing the illusion of self – where the artists show how social history and individual stories fill our core and give form to our identity.

Bengisu Bayrak, Koş / Run, 5‘10” / 5’10”,
Bilgisayar Destekli Video / Computer Supported Video, 2001.